Customer Stories

"WomenWise helped me understand the impact I have on my body better. I am still a work in progress but more informed which puts me back in control."

Anna C, North Devon

"WomenWise goes so much further than anyone else. They have put together all the many pieces of my menopause jigsaw and given me solutions when no-one else could. Money well spent."

Annabel P, Cambridge

"WomenWise has allowed me to stop thinking about the menopause and get on with my life."

Emily W, Oxford

"With WomenWise, I no longer have to ‘just cope’. Wise words and a clear plan have given me confidence and options when life was feeling tough."  

Karen, Princes Risborough

"My WomenWise Report was such a huge help for me - both physically and psychologically. It was a relief to understand why I was feeling how I was and what to do about it. I was given a very simple Plan and all the recommendations were science-backed. As a result of the changes I’ve made I’ve transformed my energy and got my va-va-voom back."

Sophie D, London

"I wasn’t sure how to navigate the menopause but I knew I wanted to make the best of it. WomenWise provided me with a fact-based, personal-to-me assessment and a simple, effective action plan to help support my body."

Zoe H, London