Understand your body

The more we know about you, the better we’re able to help you.


We therefore start with a deep dive into your biochemistry and a targeted part of your DNA.


You receive your WomenWise at-home Test Pack to collect blood, cheek cell and urine samples to enable our partner labs to assess the functioning of your adrenal glands, your thyroid health, how your body responds to blood sugar, your iron and vitamin D levels and how well your body clears oestrogen.


We also capture your health history, menopause experience (symptoms & severity) and lifestyle choices using the WomenWise questionnaire.


Get your bespoke REPORT

Our dedicated Nutritional Therapists and Doctors analyse your information using our proprietary interpretation approach. This allows them to identify the underlying contributors to your menopause symptoms and create your bespoke Report.


Your Report will leave you armed with knowledge about the best treatment options for your body. You’ll be able to make the right choices for you whether that’s a herbal approach or investigating HRT; you’ll understand the right type of diet or exercise; be able to build your stress resilience and know how to improve your sleep.


Your Report will clearly explain why each recommendation is right for you and how to build them into your life.


Feel like you again

Once you’ve started following your Plan, you’ll be supporting your body in the right way and be on track to feeling your best.


You’ll get 12 months of support to help turn your choices into habits with helpful tips and reminders specific to your Menopause Plan, access to the latest menopause knowledge and our useful Symptom Tracker plus prompts to re-test any bio-markers as required.


Our expert Nutritional Therapists and partner GPs are on hand for online consultations should you like to talk to someone. A 45 minute consult with a Nutritional Therapist costs £129 and a 45 minute consult with a private GP costs £169.