WomenWise was founded by two friends – one a nutritional therapist, the other a brand consultant. We were frustrated that too many women are spending years feeling lost with symptoms they can’t beat.
Some try HRT, some try supplements, some try eating less and exercising more. Yet symptoms can remain.
We wanted to understand why this was which meant taking a step back and interrogating the scientific studies. We spent years researching the underlying causes and complexities of menopause symptoms.
WomenWise is grounded in two very simple but very powerful truths.
First, that menopause symptoms are not only caused by changing levels of oestrogen and progesterone. Your underlying health (such as your thyroid, adrenal function and brain chemistry) is also key.
Second, that no menopause is the same. Just because we all go through menopause does not mean we’ll experience the same symptoms or need the same support.
WomenWise therefore focuses on your biology, genetics and lifestyle to understand what’s causing your symptoms. Only then do we build your 100% personalised recommendations.
No guesswork, no assumptions, just the knowledge you need about you and your body to feel great.