For too long, the thinking about menopause and female midlife health has been too narrow.


The focus has been on sex hormone levels and HRT.


One problem, one solution.


But midlife health is more complex than that. By ignoring the other parts of the puzzle, women are being short-changed.


The thinking has also been too generalised. Every woman’s midlife health is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t go far enough. What makes a real difference is personalised health advice.


We’ve spent years researching the underlying causes and complexities of midlife symptoms. The result is WomenWise, a completely personalised approach to managing your menopause and thriving through midlife.

WomenWise was founded by two friends – one a nutritional therapist, the other a brand consultant.


Frustrated by the limited nature of menopause support, we’ve designed an offer that gives you personalised knowledge and support to help you take the menopause in your stride.