Welcome to WomenWise

It’s time to change the way we think about the menopause. It’s time to focus on our individual bodies. It’s time for a new, personalised, evidence-based approach.


Because once we understand why we’re feeling like we do, we’ll know what to do to support our bodies through menopause.


WomenWise will unlock the right insights into your midlife health, create your bespoke Menopause Plan and provide 12 months of support.


The menopause is complex. We’re here to make it simpler. Begin your WomenWise journey. £599.

Your WomenWise Journey

1. Understand your body
Use the WomenWise at-home tests (blood, DNA, urine) and online questionnaire to provide us with a detailed picture of your underlying health and lifestyle.


2. Get your bespoke Plan
Once our partner labs have received your samples, your Report is ready in 3-4 weeks. This explains what’s contributing to your menopause symptoms and details your bespoke Plan.


3. Feel like you again

Make your choices and turn them into habits with 1 year of WomenWise support, advice and information.

A new kind of support, driven by science

Over time, we’ve learnt about our bodies and how to look after them.


Then the perimenopause creeps up and the rules change. We can lose sight of who we are, feel exhausted, change body shape and have hot flushes. Our old tricks to feeling our best don’t work anymore and many of us aren’t sure what to do.


Midlife bodies need a new kind of support based on understanding their specific changes and the underlying contributors to menopause symptoms. General advice is a good start but what makes a real difference is individualised advice.


WomenWise is driven by the very latest evidence-based menopause knowledge and has been created by a collaboration of experienced Nutritional Therapists and Doctors. Each Plan is specific to your health and menopause experience and is reviewed and finalised by a Doctor.


Your Report and 12 months’ support costs £599.