"It's changed my life, I feel so much better and I'm 10lbs down. I'm sleeping deeply and my friends keep asking what I've done. All this without HRT. I am no longer scrolling Instagram looking for answers - THANK YOU"
London (49 yrs)
"When I went to WomenWise I was already taking HRT but was still feeling foggy and lacking in energy. WomenWise looked at everything and advised me on what else I should be doing. I genuinely feel so much better as a result and have got my energy back. For me, it was a gamechanger."
Nicky H
"My WomenWise Report was such a huge help for me - both physically and psychologically. It was a relief to understand why I was feeling how I was and what to do about it. I was given a very simple Plan and all the recommendations were science-backed. As a result of the changes I’ve made I’ve transformed my energy and got my va-va-voom back."
Sophie D
"From start to finish, my Womenwise experience was incredibly professional, supportive and detailed. It was enlightening to at last discover what was going on in my body and understand why I felt the way I did. Following the suggested plan means my focus and energy have returned with abundance and I’m feeling more like ‘me’ again. Womenwise, I can’t thank you enough!"
Nicky T
"WomenWise gave me valuable insights into what I am experiencing and helped me understand and focus on what I can do to feel better. The report was easy to understand and follow, and it is so useful to be able to discuss it further with the WW team. I am so pleased I did this!"
Michelle G
"I have found the WomenWise service thorough, helpful and entirely tailored to my personal circumstances. The report was extremely detailed and a fascinating and accessible read. It suggested tailored vitamin and mineral supplements based on the findings in the DNA and blood/urine samples, rather than a one-size-fits-all set of recommendations. I now feel a lot more in control."
Naomi R
"WomenWise helped me understand the impact I have on my body better. I am still a work in progress but more informed which puts me back in control."
Anna C
North Devon
"WomenWise has allowed me to stop thinking about the menopause and get on with my life."
Emily W
"WomenWise goes so much further than anyone else. They have put together all the many pieces of my menopause jigsaw and given me solutions when no-one else could. Money well spent."
Annabel P
"With WomenWise, I no longer have to ‘just cope’. Wise words and a clear plan have given me confidence and options when life was feeling tough."
Princes Risborough
"I wasn’t sure how to navigate the menopause but I knew I wanted to make the best of it. WomenWise provided me with a fact-based, personal-to-me assessment and a simple, effective action plan to help support my body."
Zoe H
"WomenWise has helped me to feel like my old self again. The tests and questionnaire mean they produced a thorough report and action plan that’s right for me. What to eat, what supplements to take, what kind of exercise I need – it’s all in there. I’ve not felt this good in years!"
Jane A
Watton at Stone
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